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Kitchen Organization tips.

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

I live the by the motto that everything has a home. I truly believe the that more organized your home or place of work feels the better you feel. I always feel more productive when my home is clean and organized. They say that how your home looks inside is a reflection of one's mind. A lot of people think that organizing your home cam be expensive. While it can add up when going to fancy organization stores there is also a cheaper way to organize your home. I frequent discount stores like Homegoods, Burlington, Ross, Ikea etc. you can find a lot of affordable organization products in these stores. To organize my full kitchen it cost me under $300! You can do this too or can hire me to organize tour kitchen for you. I think the kitchen is the most affordable space to organize when designing your space. It gets costly when you get into other rooms in the home like closets etc. Below are a few pictures of my kitchen drawers and my Pantry. To learn more about where i purchase everything watch my full video below.

Pantry Before and After

Kitchen Drawer Organization

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