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My Kitchen and Pantry

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Downsizing from the four bedroom outdated, but beautiful home of my grandparents to a one bedroom apartment was definitely a task. When I moved into my new apartment I had no idea I would love it this much! Home decor has always been a passion of mine and this apartment had such a blank pallet that it allowed me to decorate the way I really wanted to. 

During the apartment searching process I had my heart set on an all white kitchen, but this apartment was way more affordable and seemed to work out better when it came to the flow of the kitchen. I really wanted a kitchen with an island in the middle that allowed me to shoot my recipe videos, which was hard to find here in south Jersey. But then I stumbled upon this beauty and fell in love. My first project when moving in was my pantry! 

Organizing my Pantry has been one of the most rewarding feelings iv'e felt in a long time. I know it probably sounds crazy but there's no better feeling than having a place to call your own! 

Organization makes me so happy! So when I came up with the idea to film the process of me organizing my pantry, it seemed like a great idea! Im so happy I made that decision! I not only did this for myself but I also did it on a budget, for my readers who are looking for a less expensive way to organize your pantry!

Every item in this video is from amazon, the At Home store, Burlington and my local grocery stores. I really wanted everything I purchased to be easy to find and affordable. That was the most important thing!

Watch my pantry organization Video above! Subscribe to my channel for more videos.

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